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INIS Membership

Membership in the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) is open to IAEA Member States, United Nations organizations, and international or intergovernmental organizations with which the IAEA has relations. Currently, INIS has a membership of 132 countries.

Benefits of INIS Membership

INIS members have free and open access to one of the most comprehensive knowledge organization systems in all areas related to peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, including relevant information provided by other INIS Member States and organizations.

INIS members’ national scientific research output in nuclear science and technology is exposed to a broad international community worldwide.

INIS assists its members in building and improving national information management capacities through the transfer of modern technology and know-how.

Responsibilities of INIS Liaison Officers

INIS Liaison Officers are responsible for organizing the collection of literature and the preparation of input to the INIS repository on a national level, disseminating information contained in INIS products, and promoting INIS within national boundaries.

Communication between the INIS Secretariat and INIS Liaison Officers takes place through regular correspondence and biennial consultative meetings.

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