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Webinar: Pushing for Fusion Energy - What is happening now?

Date and time

22 November 2021
17:00 CET

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Due to the current need to find energy sources that can help to fight against climate change and to the progress achieved in the development of fusion, the private sector has become a key player in this field. Private sector approaches are mostly focused on the development of more compact systems (50-150MWe). However, the commercialisation path is complex, requiring both government and private support (for example, public-private partnerships schemes). This webinar therefore seeks to bring together the domain experts and stakeholders for private fusion development to contribute to the discussion. This event is organised in preparation for the 2022 IAEA Workshop on Fusion Enterprises to be held in 2022 in London.


17:00 CET:     Opening Remarks

Ms. Sehila M. Gonzalez de Vicente, IAEA

17:05 CET:     Keynotes
Chair: Mr. Shutaro Takeda (Kyoto University

1. Global Investment Environment for Fusion Enterprises

Ms. Carly Anderson, Prime Movers Lab

- Latest global momentum in investments for fusion energy

2. Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Fusion

Mr. Andrew Holland, Fusion Industry Association; and Mr. Tim Bestwick, UK Atomic Energy Authority

- PPP projects in the US and the UK / Importance of PPP in fusion industry

3. Market and Social Need for Fusion Energy

Mr. Malcolm Handley, Strong Atomics

- Electricity and non-electricity markets for fusion energy/Role of fusion energy alongside renewable power sources

4. Enabling technologies towards commercialization

Mr. Daniel Clark, US Department of Energy

- Why and how enabling technologies can accelerate fusion

5. Innovative Fusion Power Core (FPC) Concepts

Mr. Scott Hsu, US Department of Energy

- Summary of innovative fusion power core concepts

6. Way Forward for the Fusion Community

Mr. Taka Omae, ITER Organization

- Way forward for the fusion community

18:30 CET:    Panel Discussion
Chair: Ms. Melanie Windridge, Fusion Industry Association

19:00 CET: Conclusions

Mr. Tim Bestwick, UKAEA and Mr. Andrew Holland, FIA

19:15 CET:    Closing Remarks

Ms. Sehila M. Gonzalez de Vicente, IAEA

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