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Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications Webinars

The Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications Webinars offers a variety of webinars and online learning courses that are continuously being expanded and updated to meet the growing demand and changing needs of Member States. They focus on a wide array of topics, from stakeholder involvement to nuclear technology and applications. 

Building Stars – Breakthroughs in Fusion R&D Webinar Series

This webinar series will focus on the latest breakthroughs and landmark achievements announced in fusion R&D. The series will give an overview and put in perspective the most recent ground-breaking results, to understand how such progress brings fusion energy closer to realization.

Enhancing Agrifood Systems through Climate-Smart and Nutrition-Dense Crops

This webinar is organized to promote awareness in climate-smart, nutrient-dense crop management practices in agricultural systems and aims to empower stakeholders to adopt innovative approaches to mitigate climate change impacts and enhance food security.

Pushing for Fusion Energy - What is happening now?

This webinar seeks to bring together the domain experts and stakeholders for private fusion development to contribute to the discussion. This event is organised in preparation for the 2022 IAEA Workshop on Fusion Enterprises to be held in 2022 in London.

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