60 Years Contributing to Development

Vol. 58-2

June 2017

This special edition of the IAEA Bulletin was produced for the International Conference on the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme: Sixty Years and Beyond — Contributing to Development, in Vienna from 30 May to 1 June 2017. The edition highlights nine impact stories, each related to one of the nine SDGs for which the IAEA’s work is directly relevant. 

Sixty years and beyond — contributing to development

Dominican Republic uses nuclear technology to win the war against fruit flies

Yangon radiologists, medical physicists juggle to provide cancer patients with quality care

Scientists explore groundwater in the Sahel with nuclear technology

Morocco considers nuclear power in future energy mix

Nuclear techniques help European countries understand and preserve cultural heritage

Bangladesh triples rice production with help of nuclear science

IAEA fellows protect the marine environment

Stable nitrogen isotope helps scientists optimize water, fertilizer use

The IAEA’s technical cooperation programme: Building partnerships for progress

Japan to support use of non-destructive testing for disaster recovery in Asia and the Pacific

Protecting patients: promoting safety culture in diagnostic imaging­

How the IAEA contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals

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