Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Revisiting the Basics

Vol. 44-2

June 2002

The June 2002 IAEA Bulletin edition contains articles revolving around nuclear security:  non-proliferation, the 9/11 response, and safeguards’ work, notably in Iraq. It also includes articles on peaceful nuclear uses: energy generation, the public opinion about radiological waste, and IAEA projects fighting food, health, and water problems. The Agency strives to reach gender balance. A concluding report on major points discussed during the September 2002 Scientific Forum held in conjunction with the IAEA’s General Conference is also included.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Revisiting the Basics

Reflections of Nuclear Security

The IAEA in Iraq: Past Activities & Findings

Key Tools for Nuclear Inspections

Energy and Poverty

Nuclear Energy at a Moment of Truth

Science Serving People

Radioactive Waste: What People Think

The 2002 IAEA Scientific Forum

The Goal of Gender Balance

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