Energy for development

Vol. 35-4

December 1993

Over the past 5 years, countries in the Asia and Pacific region have been working together through an IAEA co-operative programme to study their energy futures. The work has been done through a series of workshops and training courses arranged under the Regional Co-operative Agreement (RCA) for Research, Development, and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology. This article reviews activities under the RCA energy project, and reports on the recommended course of action for the project's next phase.

Nuclear power development in Asia

Regional co-operation in Asia and the Pacific: Energy, electricity, and nuclear power planning

Energy strategies and nuclear power in Latin America and the Caribbean: Sustaining development

Nuclear power and its role in limiting emissions of carbon dioxide

Electricity production and waste management: Comparing the options

Strengthening nuclear and radiation safety in countries of the former USSR

Improving the safety of WWER nuclear power plants: Focus on technical assistance in Central and Eastern Europe

The next generation of nuclear power plants and beyond: Raising the level of ambition

Global levels of radiation exposure: Latest international findings

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