Vol. 29-3

September 1987

The main challenges before the Agency for the next 10 years are presented by the IAEA Director General as follows: to facilitate further development and application of nuclear isotope and radiation techniques where they are viable and needed, to help maintain and expand the availability of safe nuclear power as an environmentally benign energy option for the future, to help maintain the non-proliferation regime

Message from the United Nations Secretary-General: Nations of the world have greatly benefited from the IAEA

1957-87: Development through global co-operation

The next 10 years: Major challenges shaping the IAEA's future

Co-operative networks for international development

Nuclear power development: History and outlook

Multilateral conventions: Instruments of global co-operation

IAEA safeguards: Milestones in development & implementation

Technical co-operation for development

The IAEA and the green revolution: From research laboratories to farmers' fields, nuclear techniques are making a difference

Radiation for better health

The Laboratories at Seibersdorf: Multi-disciplinary research and support centre

The International Laboratory of Marine Radioactivity in Monaco: A look at the origins and work of the IAEA's arm to the oceans of the world

ICTP in Trieste: Creative research for global development. An international forum for progress in science

Covering the world's nuclear literature

Viewpoint: Looking back. The stages of the IAEA's evolution are products of the times

The IAEA's strength: Human resources have been the Agency's lifeblood

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