Towards a Controlled Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Vol. 20-6

December 1978

Recently, at Princeton University, USA, plasma temperatures in the region of 60 million degrees Kelvin were attained in a fusion experiment of the so-called tokamak type. This was a significant advance over the temperatures (about 25 million degrees) previously achieved after years of research effort. In other tokamaks record values of the thermal insulation have recently been achieved Consequently there are good prospects of reaching both the temperatures and thermal insulation together needed for power production What then stands between us and the achievement of controlled nuclear fusion power?

After Parker: A review of the Windscale inquiry and subsequent developments

Towards a Controlled Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Some considerations of major non-nuclear hazards

Research as if Relevance Mattered

Some realities of nuclear power plant decommissioning

Liquid metal fast breeder reactors

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