A Report on the UN Special Session on Disarmament

Vol. 20-4

August 1978

Slow progress in disarmament led many of the United Nations Member States, particularly the non-aligned countries, to request the convening of a Special Session of the General Assembly Devoted to Disarmament. The idea of such a special session had evolved over the past few years as an alternative to a World Disarmament Conference and in contrast to the limited possibilities for discussion provided by a regular session of the General Assembly. A special session was perceived as offering the appropriate opportunity to discuss comprehensive disarmament in a practically universal forum The decision to hold the special session was taken by the General Assembly on 21 December 1976 by resolution 31/189 B, which also established a Preparatory Committee to examine all questions relevant to the special session. Fifty-four countries were appointed members of the Preparatory Committee, which met in five sessions.

A Report on the UN Special Session on Disarmament

INIS: The International Nuclear Information System

The regional co-operative agreement for research, development and training related to nuclear science and technology

The solidification of high-level radioactive wastes

National and international activities in the field of underground disposal of radioactive wastes

Health and Economic Costs of Alternative Energy Sources

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