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Assessing Policy Options for Increasing the Use of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development: Modelling Energy Scenarios for Sichuan, China

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This publication reports on a case study conducted under the auspices of UN-Energy — the United Nations’ principal inter-agency mechanism in the field of energy. It analyses alternative policy options for increasing the share of renewables in the energy supply mix of Sichuan, China. Combining IAEA models for analysing national energy systems with data provided by UNEP, UN-DESA and other public sources, this study provides generic insights on policy options and demonstrates the kind of energy policy activities that UN-Energy can undertake. While the results are only illustrative with respect to the specific energy situation of Sichuan, they do suggest that all renewable energy policies tested in this least cost analysis can lead to an increase in investments in renewable energy technologies and an increase in the contribution of renewable energy to the total energy supply.

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