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Non-destructive Testing for Plant Life Assessment

Training Course Series No. 26

English IAEA-TCS-26

¦ Date published: 2005

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Non-destructive testing (NDT) technology provides services for remaining life assessment of industrial equipment and engineering structures. This technology has been applied in power generation, petroleum and chemical processes, manufacture of steel, civil engineering structures and transport. NDT evaluates the remaining operation life of plant structures. The major NDT methods are radiographic testing (RT), ultrasonic testing (UT), liquid penetrant testing (PT), magnetic particle testing (MT), eddy current testing (ET) and visual testing (VT). New techniques and applications are under development. Digital (film-less) radioscopy is an on-line NDT method for defect visualization. Quality control and accreditation processes help NDT laboratories to demonstrate that they are technically competent and that they generate valid results.

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