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Health Effects and Medical Surveillance

Practical Radiation Technical Manual No. 3 (Rev. 1)

English IAEA-PRTM-3 (Rev. 1)

¦ Date published: 2004

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Occupationally exposed workers need to have a basic awareness and understanding of the risks posed by exposure to radiation and the measures for managing these risks. To assist persons who have a responsibility to provide the necessary education and training of these workers, the series of Practical Radiation Technical Manuals (PRTMs) was created. Sources of ionizing radiation have a large number of applications in the workplace. Usually, even where work is performed safely, the employees involved inevitably receive small, regular exposures to radiation that are not harmful. This manual explains how ionizing radiations can interact with and affect human tissues, the various factors that influence the outcome and the detrimental effects that may result. The medical surveillance that is appropriate for those working with radiation sources, depending on the degree of hazard of the work, is described.

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