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IAEA Safeguards Glossary

2001 Edition

International Nuclear Verification Series No. 3

English IAEA/NVS/3/CD ¦ 92-0-138602-8

¦ € 24.00 ¦ Date published: 2003

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The IAEA Safeguards Glossary 2001 Edition reflects recent advances in the strengthening of the IAEA safeguards system. It aims at facilitating the understanding of the specialized safeguards terminology within the international community. The glossary comprises 13 sections, each addressing a specific subject related to IAEA safeguards. The terms used have been translated into the official languages of the IAEA — Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish — as well as into German and Japanese. The advanced search features of the CD-ROM version enable the user to access the Index and to easily search the document. The safeguards terms have been cross-indexed through the use of hyperlinks for ease of navigation through the document. Similarly, each term referenced in the Index can be accessed directly with a simple mouse click.
Contents: 1. Legal instruments and other documents related to IAEA safeguards; 2. IAEA safeguards: Purpose, objectives and scope; 3. Safeguards approaches, concepts and measures; 4. Nuclear and non-nuclear material; 5. Nuclear and nuclear related activities and installations; 6. Nuclear material accountancy; 7. Nuclear material measurement techniques and equipment; 8. Containment, surveillance and monitoring; 9. Environmental sampling; 10. Statistical concepts and techniques for nuclear material verification; 11. Visits, inspections and complementary access; 12. Safeguards information and evaluation; 13. Reporting on safeguards implementation; Translations of terms; Index. Also available in print.

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