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INIS: Manual for Online Retrieval from the INIS Database on the Internet

INIS Reference Series No. 24

English IAEA-INIS-24 ¦ 92-0-103200-5

80 pages ¦ 60 figures ¦ € 11.50 ¦ Date published: 2000


This manual describes the INIS Database, which is available on the IAEA’s World Wide Web site, in order to assist the user in searching and retrieving relevant records. The manual is also available for registered users at the welcome page of the INIS Database web site. The INIS Database, covering all aspects of the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology, is a bibliographical database containing over 2.15 million references with abstracts ranging from 1970 to the present. Starting from 1992, INIS also covers the economic and environmental aspects of all non-nuclear energy sources.

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