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Management for Excellence in Nuclear Power Plant Performance

A Manual

Technical Reports Series No. 369

English STI/DOC/010/369 ¦ 92-0-103194-7

100 pages ¦ € 26.00 ¦ Date published: 1994


The objective of this report is to facilitate a recognition of priority management issues which, when not adequately recognized and addressed, can result in problems in operational performance at nuclear power plants. It provides a number of effective practices, reflecting the positive experience of nuclear power companies, that have prevented or corrected problems related to selected management issues.
Contents: Executive summary; 1. Introduction; 2. Generic issues related to effective management; 3. Effective practices; Annex 1:Designation of responsibility; Annex 2: Teamwork and effective communication; Annex 3: Effectiveness of engineering activities;Annex 4: Surveillance of items important to safety and reliability; Annex 5. Peer evaluation; Annex 6. Working level self-assessment; Annex 7: Corrective action programme; Annex 8: Monitoring of corrective actions; Annex 9: Performance oriented quality department; Annex 10: Assessment overview group; Annex 11: Integrated performance indicator system; Annex 12: Operating experience feedback; Annex 13: Self-assessment by the quality department; Annex 14: Focus on performance assessment; Annex 15: Quality maintenance teams; Annex 16: Performance enhancement standards; Annex 17: Performance based quality training; Annex 18: Prioritization of work; Annex 19: Profit centre concept; Annex 20: Departmental meeting policy; Annex 21: Plant modification information system; Annex 22: Negotiated business plan; Annex 23: Improvement of personnel qualification; Annex 24: Computerized maintenance management system; Annex 25: Information management; Annex 26: Feedback to design; Annex 27: Definition of interfaces; Annex 28: Teamwork and communication; Annex 29: Understanding of management goals; Annex 30: Relationship with the regulator; Annex 31: Interface with the regulator; Annex 32: Personal performance appraisal; Annex 33: Business plan of the nuclear organization; Annex 34: Management development training; Annex 35: Supervisory development programme; Annex 36: Monitoring of equipment condition; Annex 37: Career path programme.

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