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Guidelines for Agricultural Countermeasures Following an Accidental Release of Radionuclides

English STI/DOC/010/363 92-0-100894-5
115 1 29.00 1994


This report is a collation of information and experience gained from the Chernobyl accident in 1986 concerning the transfer of radionuclides, especially 137Cs and 90Sr, through food chains to humans and the ways to effectively reduce them. Accounts of measures taken in various countries following the Chernobyl accident, which at the time caused significant radioactive contamination of the environment over widely separated areas, some relatively remote from the site, are included.

Contents: Part I. Introduction; 1. Introduction; 2. General considerations; 3. Developing a strategy for agricultural countermeasures; Part II. Agricultural countermeasures: Scientific basis and practice; 4. Introduction; 5. Preventive measures to be applied before and during the arrival of radioactive fallout; 6. Counter-measures to be applied in the first few weeks after deposition; 7. Countermeasures to be applied in the medium and long term; 8. Losses of radionuclides in food by processing and culinary preparation; Part III. Organizing for response; 9. Introduction; 10. Emergency preparedness; 11. Response; 12. Public information and information for farmers; Part IV. Contamination in agriculture from past nuclear accidents; 13. Introduction; 14. Nuclear accident requiring countermeasures only in the short term; 15. Nuclear accident requiring countermeasures in both the short and long term; Glossary.

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