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INIS: Multilingual Dictionary Part I: English - French - German - Russian - Spanish

INIS Reference Series No. 20

English IAEA-INIS-20 (Rev. 1) Part I ¦ 92-0-101995-5

585 pages ¦ € 64.00 ¦ Date published: 1995


This publication, issued in five parts, contains the terminology of the INIS Thesaurus (IAEA-INIS-13) translated from English into French, German, Russian and Spanish. Each of the five parts is sorted alphabetically by the first-named language. The multilingual dictionary is intended as a tool to assist INIS users whose mother tongue is not English. It may also be useful to others in the nuclear field such as translators, interpreters and authors who are confronted with specialized terminology in any of the five languages named.

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