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INIS ATOMINDEX Vol. 28, No. 22 15 November 1997 RN 28:063206-28:066549

INIS Atomindex 28

English STI/PUB/245/28/22

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INIS Atomindex is a semi-monthly abstracting journal prepared by computer electronic publishing from the INIS Database on magnetic tape. It is printed on a high resolution laser printer. The bulk of the information contained in the magnetic tapes is present in INIS Atomindex. The major exception to this are the subject descriptors, whose main purpose is for online searching. These are omitted from all INIS Atomindex entries that are accompanied by abstracts, for which entries only the key descriptors are printed.
Each issue of INIS Atomindex contains bibliographic descriptions, descriptors and, usually, abstracts for all items recorded in the system, namely books, research reports, patents, journal articles, conference papers, etc. About 80 000 references per year are grouped by subject categories. Each issue includes a personal author index, a corporate entry index, a report, standard and patent number index, a subject index, and two conference indexes by date and place. The references are in English with the titles also given in the original language - transliterated where necessary. The abstracts are printed in English and may, in addition, appear in French, Russian or Spanish, the other official languages of the IAEA. Twenty-four issues are published per year, cumulative indexes are published annually. The first issue of each year includes a list of the journals regularly scanned for in-scope articles.

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