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The Law and Practices of the International Atomic Energy Agency 1970-1980 (Supplement 1 to the 1970 Edition)

Legal Series No. 7

English STI/PUB/942 ¦ 92-0-103693-0

¦ € 145.50 ¦ Date published: 1994


The first publication (Part A) covering this subject was issued in 1970 (Legal Series No. 7 — the basic book), written by Paul C. Szasz, who, together with Reinhard H. Rainer, is also co-author of the present book. As the Agency’s work has expanded, the emphasis of its programme components shifted and administrative practices changed, an update of the study became necessary to ensure its continued value as a comprehensive reference tool and documentation of the main legal and administrative developments. This updated edition retains the original structure of the basic book as far as possible to allow consultation of both books seriatim. Contents: Part B. Structure; Part C. Relationships; Part D. Activities; Part E. Administration; Part F. Legal matters; Part G. Procedures; Annex.

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