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Studies of the Magnitude and Nature of Pesticide Residues in Stored Products, Using Radiotracer Techniniques

Proceedings of the Final Research Co-ordination Meeting Held in Ankara, Turkey, 30 May–3 June 1988

Panel Proceedings Series - International Atomic Energy Agency No.

English STI/PUB/822 ¦ 92-0-111090-1

¦ € 33.50 ¦ Date published: 1990


Proceedings of a final research co-ordination meeting, Ankara, 30 May to 3 June 1988. The five year co-ordinated research programme was established in order to aid developing Member States in their efforts to utilize safely and effectively pesticide chemicals to maximize the production of grain and other stored products. The programme was designed to make safe and effective use of radiotracer techniques for studying pesticide residues in stored products. The present proceedings contain all papers presented at the meeting as well as model protocols for studying chemical residues in stored products and an appraisal of the overall programme accomplishments.

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