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INIS: Specifications for Machine Readable Data Exchange

INIS Reference Series No. 7

English IAEA-INIS-7 (Rev. 3) ¦ 92-0-178588-7

¦ € 4.50 ¦ Date published: 1988


This manual combines the former IAEA-INIS-7 (Rev. 2), INIS: Character Set Representation and Coding Rules, with the obsolete IAEA-INIS-8 (Rev. 1), INIS: Paper Tape Specifications and Record Format, and the obsolete IAEA-INIS-9 (Rev. 3), INIS: Magnetic Tape Specifications and Record Format. It contains the revised INIS character set and representations of it, together with encoding rules for the exchange format and, specifically for input, the worksheet format on magnetic tape and diskette. It is divided into three parts: Part I: Character set and encoding rules; Part II: Worksheet format on magnetic tape and diskette; Part III: Magnetic tape exchange format and specifications (corresponding to ISO Standard 2709). The INIS 8-bit code is an extension of the ISO Standard 646 physical character set for information interchange. The document also contains instructions on how to encode symbols occurring in scientific and technical texts.

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