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Intercomparison of k0-NAA Software Packages


English IAEA-TECDOC-2026 ¦ 978-92-0-139223-7

78 pages ¦ 31 figures ¦ € 22.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

Download PDF (3.29 MB)


This publication presents the results of an IAEA organized intercomparison exercise on codes used in the application of the. Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) k0 method. NAA is the most common technique implemented in research reactors worldwide. It allows the determination of the elemental composition of samples weighing from micrograms to kilograms. The k0 method for NAA has greatly facilitated the implementation of NAA at new facilities. It allows for the determination of elemental mass fractions, together with their uncertainties, without the need for sample-matched reference materials. As a consequence, various software packages for the application of this method have been developed. In 2021, the IAEA initiated, an intercomparison exercise of k0 software packages, in which the software contributions to the uncertainty budget was determined. The developers of all known k0 software packages were invited to participate, and all but one of the invited packages were represented in the exercise, including the two widely available codes and three codes developed in particular institutes for their own purposes.

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Intercomparison, k0-NAA Software Packages, Nuclear Activation Analysis, Computer Software, Radiochemical Analysis, Nuclear Physics, IAEA Organized Intercomparison Exercise, Neutron Activation Analysis, NAA, Elemental Composition of Samples, k0 Method, Elemental Mass Fractions, Sample-Matched Reference Materials, Participant Codes, Differences in Implementation, Results Obtained, Best Practices, k0-NAA Method, Basics, Calculations, Dataset, Template, Standard k0 for Thermal and Epithermal Neutron Activation, Fission, Threshold Reactions, Activation Equation Corrections, Detector Characterization, Irradiation Facility Characterization, General Gamma Ray Spectrometry, Interpretation, Feedback to User, Reporting, Additional Features, Accepted File Formats, Intercomparison Procedure, Discussions, KayWin, k0-Dalat, k0-IAEA, k0-Inrim, ko-Ipen, Review

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