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INIS: Guide to Bibliographic Description

INIS Reference Series No. 1

English IAEA-INIS-1 (Rev. 8) ¦ 92-0-104892-0

¦ € 38.00 ¦ Date published: 1992


This manual (formerly published under the title ‘Descriptive Cataloguing Rules’) contains the rules, standards and formats for bibliographic descriptions adopted by centres preparing input to INIS. The rules are presented in a simplified style and several examples are provided to clarify the texts. Various appendices are included, among them: the INIS character set; the INIS rules for entering romanized Chinese personal names; a list of corporate abbreviations; and a list of state and province codes for several countries. Also included in this current revision is the information contained in INIS: Terminology and Codes for Countries and International Organizations (IAEA-INIS-5) and INIS: Transliteration Rules for Selected Non-Roman Characters (IAEA-INIS-10). This manual is intended to be used in conjunction with a companion volume entitled INIS: Descriptive Cataloguing Samples (IAEA-INIS-2).

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