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Research Reactor Benchmarking Database: Facility Specification and Experimental Data (Revision)

Technical Reports Series No. 480 (Rev.1)

English STI/DOC/010/480 (Rev.1)

1 page ¦ € 42.00 ¦ Date published: 2022

Download ZIP (100.02 MB)


A revised edition of IAEA Technical Reports Series No. 480, this publication includes all the data from the first edition, augmented with fourteen new benchmarks. It provides a set of experimental data that is suitable for benchmarking and validation of neutronic, thermohydraulic, fuel burnup and material activation computational methods and tools employed for improved utilization, operation and safety analysis of research reactors. It contains the facility specifications, experiment descriptions, and corresponding experimental data for sixteen different research reactors covering a wide range of research reactor types, power levels and experimental configurations. It has been written as a resource for research reactor staff performing reactor physics calculations and individuals working on the design and planning of research reactors and their modifications. It may also prove useful to regulators involved in licensing of research reactors.

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Research Reactor Benchmarking, Database, Facility Specification, Experimental Data, Technical Reports, Validation, Neutronic, Thermohydraulic, Fuel Burnup, Material Activation Computational Methods, Tools, Utilization, Operation, Safety Analysis, Experiment Descriptions, Research Reactor Types, Power Levels, Experimental Configurations, Research Reactor Staff, Design, Calculations

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