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The Environmental Behaviour of Uranium

Technical Reports Series No. 488

English STI/DOC/010/488 ¦ 978-92-0-126722-1

361 pages ¦ 50 figures ¦ € 76.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

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This publication is one of the series of IAEA publications on the environmental behaviour of naturally occurring radionuclides. It outlines uranium behaviour in different environments, as well as its transfer to, and metabolism in, humans. The publication also provides concepts, models and data required for the assessment of the impacts of uranium on non-human biota. Assessing the environmental and health effects of uranium poses specific challenges because of the combination of different types of hazard and potential exposures. Therefore, both the radiotoxicity and chemical toxicity of uranium are considered in this publication.

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Environmental Behaviour, Uranium, Environmental Aspects, Safety Measures, Uranium Industry, Radionuclides, Uranium Behaviour, Applications, Concepts, Models, Data Selection, Physical and Chemical Properties, Humans and Non-Human Biota, Health Effects, Uranium Poses Specific Challenges, Hazards, Potential Exposures, Radiotoxicity, Chemical Toxicity, Uranium Impact Assessment, Contamination Scenarios, Remediation Planning, Good Practices, Terrestrial, Freshwater and Marine Environment, Uranium Progeny, Radioisotopes of Radium, Radon, Polonium, Thorium, Environmental Transfer of Uranium, History, Radioactive Materials, Uranium Concentrations, Parent Materials, Soils, Water Bodies, Terrestrial Plants, Animals, Marine Ecosystems, Parameterization, Chemical, Environmental Impacts, Remediation of Sites, Case Studies, Aspects of Mitigation, Fission, Uses of Uranium, Uranium Distribution, Principles of Radiological and Toxicological Assessment of Uranium, Dose Implications, Comparisons, Radiological Impact, Management of Sites, Exploitation of Uranium, Legacy Issues, Uranium Extraction Facilities, Review

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