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Guidebook on the Education and Training of Technicians for Nuclear Power

Technical Reports Series No. 306

English STI/DOC/010/306 ¦ 92-0-155689-6

¦ € 22.00 ¦ Date published: 1989


This guidebook describes for nuclear technicians: (1) the necessary level and content of conventional education and training; (2) the level and content of nuclear oriented education and training; (3) measures to bridge the gap between the two. The guidebook complements or is supplemented by Technical Reports Series No. 200, Manpower Development for Nuclear Power; Technical Reports Series No. 242, Qualification of Nuclear Power Plant Operations Personnel; and IAEA-TECDOC-526, Appendices to the Guidebook on the Education and Training of Technicians for Nuclear Power. This guidebook seeks to assist policy makers and planners, as well as those designing and implementing education and training programmes.
Contents: Introduction; 1. Definition of technicians; 2. Planning and implementation of the E&T of technicians for nuclear power; 3. Recommended E&T requirements to enter nuclear oriented E&T; 4. Upgrading the E&T of technicans who will enter nuclear oriented E&T; 5. Education and training of teachers/trainers for a nuclear power programme; 6. Functions, tasks and number of technicians in a nuclear power programme; 7. Basic and specialized E&T for a nuclear power programme; 8. Nuclear science and engineering laboratory; 9. Mechanisms for education and training implementation.

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