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Treatment, Conditioning and Disposal of Iodine-129

English STI/DOC/010/276 92-0-125287-0
20.50 1987


The evaluation of optimum waste management practices for the long lived iodine-129 has received special consideration with the expansion of nuclear power programmes. Radioiodine can be removed from off-gas streams by a variety of physical, chemical or physicochemical processes. This publication reviews the various techniques collectively and reports on current developments of the techniques used in the immobilization of recovered iodine and disposal of the conditioned wastes, with due regard to the radiological hazards involved.
Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Characteristics and arisings of iodine-129; 3. Monitoring iodine-129; 4. Treatment and conditioning of iodine-129 in nuclear fuel reprocessing; 5. Disposal options and associated radiological impacts; 6. Radiological significance of iodine-129 in disposal of unreprocessed spent fuel; 7. Cost of iodine-129 management; 8. Conclusions and recommendations.

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