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Handbook on Nuclear Activation Data

Technical Reports Series No. 273

English STI/DOC/010/273 ¦ 92-0-135087-2

¦ € 144.50 ¦ Date published: 1987


The contents of this Handbook are, in general, similar to IAEA Technical Reports Series No. 156, Handbook on Nuclear Activation Cross-Sections, published in 1974. However, there are several important changes in this version, besides the inclusion of more recent data. For example, in Part 1, all the necessary information on standard reference data is now included.
Contents: Part 1. Standard reference data: 1–1. Nuclear properties; 1–2. Standard monitor reactions for neutrons; 1–3. Production of monoenergetic neutrons between 0.1 and 23 MeV: Neutron energies and cross-sections; 1–4. The neutron spectrum of spontaneous fission of californium-252; 1–5. Decay data for radionuclides used as calibration standards. Part 2. Neutron activation: 2–1. Thermal neutron cross-sections and infinite dilution resonance integrals; 2–2. Data for 14 MeV neutron activation analysis; 2–3. Activation cross-sections induced by fast neutrons; 2–4. Californium-252 spectrum averaged neutron cross-sections. Part 3. Charged particle activation: 3–1. Calculation of excitation functions for charged particle induced reactions; 3.–2. Activation cross-sections for elements from lithium to sulphur; 3–3. Thick target yields for the production of radioisotopes. Part 4. Photonuclear activation: 4–1. Photonuclear cross-sections.

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