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Handbook for Regulatory Inspectors of Nuclear Power Plants

English IAEA-TECDOC-1867 978-92-0-101519-8
114 15 18.00 2019

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This publication addresses inspection basics, concepts and methods on how to plan inspection activities, perform inspections of safety related structures, systems and components, evaluate the safety significance of inspection findings, and document the results. It presents high level considerations for the inspection of selected programmatic areas including plant operations, radiation protection, fire protection and maintenance activities at nuclear power plants (NPPs). The publication focuses on the regulatory inspection of operating NPPs and, when applicable, describes how the same inspection techniques can be applied to facilities undergoing construction, preoperational testing, and decommissioning. The general techniques described may be also used in the inspection of other types of nuclear facilities.

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Nuclear Power Plants, NPPs, Safety Measures, Independent Regulatory Commission, Regulatory Inspectors, Handbook, Basics, Concepts, Plant Operations, Radiation Protection, Maintenance Activities, Construction, Preoperational Testing, Decommissioning, Nuclear Facilities, Member States, Planning, Performance, Effectiveness, Skills, Methods, Graded Approach, SSCs, Systems, Structures, Components, Safety Measures, Inspection Programme, Regulatory Body, Waste Management, Human Factors, Organization, Management System, Training, Qualification, Evaluation, Reporting, Safety Standards, Inspection Process, Maintenance, Surveillance, Control Room, Industrial Safety, Weather, Hazards, Fire Protection, Problem Identification, Corrective Action Programs, Containment, Outages

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