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Behaviour of Spent Power Reactor Fuel during Storage

Extracts from the Final Reports of Coordinated Research Projects on Behaviour of Spent Fuel Assemblies in Storage (BEFAST I–III) and Spent Fuel Performance Assessment and Research (SPAR I–III) — 1981–2014

English IAEA-TECDOC-1862 978-92-0-100319-5
126 59 18.00 2019

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This publication focuses on the storage of spent nuclear fuel from power reactors, which is a topic of increasing importance to Member States. To support their needs, the IAEA has carried out successive coordinated research projects (CRPs) on spent fuel performance and the behaviour of spent fuel assemblies in storage since the 1980s. The findings of these CRPs have been reported in a series of publications over the past 30 years. The current publication consolidates these findings and compiles all relevant information in one referenceable source. The technical information provided in this publication will be particularly useful for experts engaged in safety assessments.

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Spent Reactor Fuels, Storage, Nuclear Power Plants, Research Reactors, Plutonium, Reprocessed Uranium, Spent Fuel, Coordinated Research Projects, CRP, BEFAST I-III, SPAR I-III, Member States, BEFAST, Behaviour of Spent Fuel Assemblies in Extended Storage, Safety Assessment, Spent Fuel Performance, 1981, 2014, Fission, SPAR, Spent Fuel Assessment and Research, Long Term Storage, Fuel Assembly Designs, Technologies, Wet Storage, Dry Storage, MAGNOX, Fuel, CANDU, LWR, RBMK, WWER, AGR, Degradation Mechanisms, Results, Aluminium Alloys, Concrete, Polymers, Metallic Seals, Fuel Integrity, Leaking, Damaged Fuel, Structures, SCC, Stress Corrosion Cracking, Hydride Reorientation, Structures, Fuel Cycle

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