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On-line Monitoring of Instrumentation in Research Reactors

English IAEA-TECDOC-1830 978-92-0-108517-7
80 38 18.00 2017

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This publication is the result of a benchmarking effort undertaken under the IAEA coordinated research project on improved instrumentation and control (I&C) maintenance techniques for research reactors. It lays the foundation for implementation of on-line monitoring (OLM) techniques and establishment of the validity of those for improved maintenance practices in research reactors for a number of applications such as change to condition based calibration, performance monitoring of process instrumentation systems, detection of process anomalies and to distinguish between process problems/effects and instrumentation/sensor issues. The techniques and guidance embodied in this publication will serve the research reactor community in providing the technical foundation for implementation of OLM techniques. It is intended to be used by Member States to implement I&C maintenance and to improve performance of research reactors.

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Reactor Technology, Nuclear Reactors, Mathematical Models, Nuclear Engineering, Instruments, OLM, On-Line Monitoring, OLM Techniques, Instrumentation, Research Reactors, Maintenance, Instrumentation and Control, Performance, CRP, Coordinated Research Project, Technology, Calibration, Implementation, Standards, Sensor, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Data Qualification, Historical Data, Assessment, Static Condition, Dynamic Condition, Europe, Asia, Sampling, Cybersecurity, Countries, Member States, Drift

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