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Arrangements for the Termination of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

STI/PUB/1796 (978-92-0-108017-2)
189 pages ¦ 20 figures ¦ EUR 53.00


This publication provides guidance and recommendations on arrangements to be made at the preparedness stage as part of overall emergency preparedness for the termination of a nuclear or radiological emergency and the subsequent transition from the emergency exposure situation to either a planned exposure situation or an existing exposure situation. It elaborates the prerequisites that need to be fulfilled so that responsible authorities can declare the nuclear or radiological emergency ended and it gives detailed guidance on adapting and lifting protective actions. This publication jointly sponsored by 10 international organizations (FAO IAEA ICAO ILO IMO INTERPOL OECD NEA UN OCHA WHO and WMO) is intended to assist Member States in the application of IAEA Safety Standards Series Nos GSR Part 3 and GSR Part 7.


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