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Identification of High Confidence Nuclear Forensics Signatures

IAEA-TECDOC-1820 (978-92-0-105617-7)
128 pages ¦ 57 figures ¦ EUR 18.00


The results of a Coordinated Research Project and related research on the identification of high confidence nuclear forensic isotopic chemical and physical data characteristics or signatures provides information on signatures that can help identify the origin and history of nuclear and other radioactive material encountered out of regulatory control. This research report compiles findings from investigations of materials obtained from throughout the nuclear fuel cycle to include radioactive sources. The report further provides recent results used to identify analyse in the laboratory predict and interpret these signatures relative to the requirements of a nuclear forensics examination. The report describes some of the controls on the incorporation and persistence of these signatures in these materials as well as their potential use in a national system of identification to include a national nuclear forensics library.


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