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Managing Counterfeit and Fraudulent Items in the Nuclear Industry

English STI/PUB/1817 978-92-0-102318-6
94 25 39.00 2019

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Counterfeit and fraudulent items (CFls) are of increasing concern in the nuclear industry and generally throughout the industrial and commercial supply chains. Experience has shown that a lack of control of the processes involved in the sourcing, receipt, use and/or disposal of items can lead to the introduction of counterfeit or fraudulent items into a nuclear facility. This publication is designed to assist Member State organizations in preventing, detecting and addressing counterfeit and fraudulent items on an ongoing basis. It provides users with recognized good practices for the introduction of a programme to effectively manage counterfeit and fraudulent items in the nuclear industry.

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IAEA Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Industry, Product Counterfeiting, Nuclear Power Plants, Equipment, Supplies, Counterfeit and Fraudulent Items, CFIs, Supply Chains, Sourcing, Receipt, Use, Disposal, Nuclear Facility, Member States, Good Practices, Programmes, Processes, Tools, Management, Electronics, OECD, Procedures, Hazards, Requirements, Detection, Control, Reporting, Disposition, Training, Staff, Methods, Life Cycle, Occupational Health, Supplier, Engineering, Procurement, Intellectual Property, Monitoring, Information Sharing, Management Assessment, Tracking, Databases, International, Managing, Commercial Grade, Zero Tolerance, Diversity of Supply, Whistle Blower Protection

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