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Economic Assessment of the Long Term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants: Approaches and Experience

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NP-T-3.25

English STI/PUB/1813 ¦ 978-92-0-104218-7

126 pages ¦ 27 figures ¦ € 47.00 ¦ Date published: 2018

Download PDF (4.43 MB)


This publication describes the various approaches to the techno-economic assessment of a project for the long term operation of a nuclear power plant in its specific market environment. It examines the process of defining the technical scope required to prolong the operating licences of nuclear power plants and highlights the need for further studies on technical cost drivers and economic assessments in order to better define the cost boundaries of long term operation. Information is also provided on the new IAEA software LTOFIN, which was developed to assist in performing long term operation economic assessments within the process described in the publication.

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