Safety of Research Reactors

STI/PUB/1751 (978-92-0-104816-5)
148 pages ¦ 2 figures ¦ EUR 58.00


This Safety Requirements publication establishes
requirements for all main areas of safety for research reactors
with particular emphasis on requirements for design and
operation. It explains the safety objectives and concepts that
form the basis for safety and safety assessment for all stages
in the lifetime of a research reactor. Technical and
administrative requirements for the safety of new research
reactors are established in accordance with these objectives
and concepts and they are to be applied to the extent
practicable for existing research reactors. The safety
requirements established in this publication for the management
of safety and regulatory supervision apply to site evaluation
design manufacturing construction commissioning operation
(including utilization and modification) and planning for
decommissioning of research reactors (including critical
assemblies and subcritical assemblies). The publication is
intended for use by regulatory bodies and other organizations
with responsibilities in these areas and in safety analysis
verification and review and the provision of technical

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