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In Situ Leach Uranium Mining: An Overview of Operations

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NF-T-1.4

English STI/PUB/1741 ¦ 978-92-0-102716-0

60 pages ¦ 3 figures ¦ € 30.00 ¦ Date published: 2016

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In situ leach or leaching (ISL) or in situ recovery (ISR) mining has become one of the standard uranium production methods. Its application to amenable uranium deposits (in certain sedimentary formations) has been growing in view of its competitive production costs and low surface impacts. This publication provides an historical overview and shows how ISL experience around the world can be used to direct the development of technical activities, taking into account environmental considerations, and emphasizing the economics of the process, including responsible mine closure. The publication provides information on how to design, operate and regulate current and future projects safely and efficiently, with a view to maximizing performance and minimizing negative environmental impact.

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IAEA Nuclear Energy, Uranium Geology, Exploration and Mining, Uranium Mines and Mining, In Situ Processing, Uranium Production, In Situ Leach, Leaching, ISL, In Situ Recovery, ISR, Environmental Impact, Economics, Historical Overview, Mine Closure, Design, Operation, Safety Measures, Performance, Acid, Alkaline Leach, Ion Exchange, Solvent Exchange Recovery, Groundwater Remediation, Ground Decommissioning, International Schemes, JORC Code, Joint Ore Reserves Committee, Resource and Reserve Definition, Political and Social Factors, Recovery Technology, Applications, Countries, Environmental Remediation, Case Studies

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