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Status of Accelerator Driven Systems Research and Technology Development

IAEA-TECDOC-1766 (978-92-0-105315-2)
376 pages ¦ 258 figures ¦ EUR 18.00


One of the greatest challenges for nuclear energy is how to properly manage the highly radioactive waste generated during irradiation in nuclear reactors. Accelerator Driven Systems (ADSs) may offer new prospects and advantages for the transmutation of such high level nuclear waste. ADS or accelerator driven transmutation of waste (ATW) consists of a high power proton accelerator a heavy metal spallation target that produces neutrons when bombarded by the high power beam and a sub critical core that is neutronically coupled to the spallation target. This publication provides a comprehensive state of the art of the ADS technology by representing the different ADS concepts proposed worldwide in the last 15 years as well as the related R D activities and demonstration initiatives carried out at national international level.


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