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Feasibility of Producing Molybdenum-99 on a Small Scale Using Fission of Low Enriched Uranium or Neutron Activation of Natural Molybdenum


This publication documents the work performed within an IAEA coordinated research project (CRP) on developing techniques for small scale indigenous 99Mo production using low enriched uranium (LEU) fission or neutron activation. This captures the steps participants undertook in examining the feasibility of becoming small scale 99Mo producers. Most participants carried out work related to the entire production process, from target assembly through irradiation, planning for target disassembly in hot cells, chemical processing of targets, quality control practices, and managing waste streams. Some participants focused on one particular area, for example, testing new methods for production of LEU foil for targets and the production of gel generators from 99Mo solution. The publication aggregates all of the work undertaken as part of the CRP in order to present the results as a whole.

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Research Reactors, Particle Accelerators, Molybdenum, Radionuclide Generators, Radiopharmaceuticals, Radioisotopes, Enriched Uranium, Neutrons, Fission, Irradiation, Waste Management, Hot Cells, Technical Cooperation

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