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Nuclear Explained – Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Technologies to Fight Against Cancer

Nuclear Explained

What does nuclear and radiation have to do in the fight against cancer? In this episode, experts explain the key role of radiation-based technologies in comprehensive cancer control.

From diagnosing cancer patients with medical imaging to using life-saving radiation-based treatments, such as radiotherapy and image-guided procedures, nuclear medicine and radiation technologies improve many lives. Access to these tools is of vital importance, and the IAEA’s Rays of Hope initiative helps to establish and improve access to cancer care in countries that need it most.


  • Lisa Stevens, Director of the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy, IAEA
  • Carlos Alberto Buchpiguel, Professor in the Department of Radiology and Oncology at the São Paulo University School of Medicine, Brazil
  • Mary Nyangasi, Head of the National Cancer Control Program, Ministry of Health, Kenya

The IAEA invites companies and donors to join Rays of Hope. Learn more at iaea.org/rays-of-hope.

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