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More on the Office of Internal Oversight Services

Ensuring accountability, transparency and sound governance

The Office of Internal Oversight Services promotes transparency and accountability within the Agency, thereby enhancing the IAEA’s operations. The Office issues recommendations to foster improved organizational processes and operations. Its Charter defines the functions, authority and responsibilities of the Office and serves as the framework for all of its activities.

The Office has the following functions:

  • Internal audit
  • Programme evaluation
  • Management services
  • Investigation

The Office is also the focal point within the IAEA for collaboration with the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit.

Internal audit

Internal auditors provide independent and objective assessments of the adequacy and effectiveness of governance, risk management and control processes. Internal audits can serve as an early warning system to managers and are intended to improve the IAEA’s operations, promote transparency and enhance accountability.

To this end, internal auditors conduct regular audits of the Agency’s programmes, activities and processes, using a risk-based approach. Assessments are also carried out when there are indications that internal controls are not sufficiently effective, objectives are not being attained, or resources may be wasted. A summary of the results of internal audit assignments can be found here.

The Office’s internal auditors perform their activities in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing set out by the Institute of Internal Auditors. Compliance with these standards is periodically certified through external validation.

Management services

The Office’s management specialists offer advisory and consulting services at the request of senior and programme managers to support the continuous improvement of the IAEA’s programme performance. Typically, projects of management services include the drafting or improvement of policies, procedures and practices; review of workflows and processes; analysis and optimization of organizational structures; and benchmarking against best practices.   

The Office’s management specialists adopt a management consulting approach and use the systematic application of knowledge, expertise and techniques to help managers to identify solutions and best practices, and to find ways of adapting them in the areas under review.

Programme evaluation

The Office’s evaluation officers conduct systematic and evidence-based examinations of the IAEA’s programmes, policies, services or functions to objectively assess the achievement of their intended purposes and to recommend ways of improving their design, implementation or results.

Evaluations examine all the determinants of programme performance by assessing their relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. The results can be used as input for planning new programmes or strategies, as part of the IAEA’s results-based management process. Programme evaluations offer a key contribution to the IAEA’s continuous learning and improvement culture, facilitate the understanding of programme performance, and enhance accountability and transparency.

The Office’s Evaluation Policy aligns with the Norms and Standards for Evaluation set out by the United Nations Evaluation Group.


The Office’s investigators carry out administrative fact-finding investigations when there are indications of fraud, corruption or misconduct, to determine whether wrongdoing has occurred. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to, theft, misuse or abuse of funds, coercion, harassment, retaliation, discrimination and abuse of authority.

The Office accepts complaints and reported allegations from inside and outside sources, including anonymous complaints. Possible wrongdoings may also be discovered through other oversight activities. Results and findings, together with recommendations, are provided to management to assist in taking corrective and preventive actions.

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