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Webinars: Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety

Ensuring Safety and Enabling Sustainability - discussion on the international conference on the safety of radioactive waste management, decommissioning, environmental protection, and remediation

This first webinar will introduce the discussion in advance of the conference to enhance understanding and interest in the themes and topics of the conference and provide key information for potential conference presenters. 

This second webinar is intended for authors of papers and posters selected for the conference, to enhance studies of the interrelationship between safety and sustainability.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is organizing an international conference on the safety of radioactive waste management, decommissioning, environmental protection, and remediation, scheduled for November 6–10, 2023: ensuring safety and enabling sustainability. The conference is coming at an opportune time to initiate and assist the necessary dialogue between the safety and sustainability communities on the interrelationships between safety and sustainability. A focus will also be on how to consider addressing the relevant interrelationships in an integrated way and identify practical approaches for managing them in decision-making, from policy formulation to implementation.

Application of a Graded Approach in Regulating the Safety of Radiation Sources

A properly established governmental, legal and regulatory framework for safety provides for the effective regulatory control of facilities and activities that give rise to radiation risks. An important aspect of a regulatory framework is to ensure that the implementation of the regulatory programme is commensurate and proportionate to the radiation risks associated with facilities and activities, in accordance with the graded approach. This webinar will provide an overview of several aspects to the graded approach for the regulatory control and functions.

Radiation Protection of the Public

The IAEA launched a free webinar series on tackling challenges associated with protection against indoor radon in 2016 and has since expanded it to include all radiation topics that affect the exposure of the public.

National and local government representatives, radiation safety authorities, radiation protection professionals and anyone who is interested in radiation protection are encouraged to attend here.

Radiation Protection of Patients

Participate in our free webinar series on radiation protection topics in the medical uses of ionizing radiation. Medical practitioners, medical radiation technologists, medical physicists, radiation protection professionals, national and local government representatives, and all others interested in the topic are encouraged to take this opportunity to learn from the world’s leading radiation protection and clinical experts.

Radiation Protection of Workers

Radiation protection professionals, operators, health care workers, technical service providers for protection and safety, industrial operators of processes involving NORM and national and local government representatives are invited to join our free webinar series on occupational radiation protection. Leading experts in the field share their knowledge and expertise on the safe and acceptable use of radiation in a range of industries, medical institutions, educational and research establishments, and nuclear fuel cycle facilities to ensure adequate radiation protection of workers in a regular webinar series.

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