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Cogeneration: Nuclear Energy Beyond Electricity Production

Webinar Series on Nuclear Technology Breakthroughs for the 21st Century

Date and time

Wednesday, 22 July 2020
Central European Time (Berlin, GMT +02:00)

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Nuclear power is one of the world’s leading low carbon energy sources. But in addition to providing a stable supply of low carbon electricity, nuclear power can contribute to the decarbonization of sectors including industry and transport. Through cogeneration, the vast energy generated in nuclear power plants may also be used for non-electric applications such as hydrogen production, district heating and seawater desalination. Repurposing nuclear power for these applications can cut emissions while also boosting the profitability of nuclear power and supporting the further expansion of integrated energy systems which incorporate nuclear together with variable renewable sources.

Webinar participants can expect to:

  • Gain knowledge on ongoing activities and the status of cogeneration projects.
  • Examine the benefits of and challenges to the implementation of cogeneration projects.
  • Share ideas on the future of cogeneration as a transition towards a low carbon society.


Gina L. Strati, Director, Energy Program, Research and Development, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Canada
Xing L. Yan, Deputy Director, Reactor Systems Design Department, Fast Reactor and Advanced Reactor R&D, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan


Ibrahim Khamis, IAEA

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