Nuclear and radiological emergencies

We facilitate and promote the application of harmonized techniques, arrangements and procedures related to preparedness and response to nuclear and radiological emergencies affecting food and agriculture, including the application of appropriate agricultural countermeasures.

  • Assessment of contamination in agriculture.

    Assessment of contamination in agriculture

    Nuclear or radiological accidents can contaminate agricultural land and produce. Contaminants are substances not intentionally added to agricultural land and products, but present in or on them. They may include either stable or radioactive material and can originate from natural sources or as the result of human activities. Read more →

  • Agricultural preparedness and response management

    Agricultural preparedness and response management

    The response of agriculture and food authorities to radiation emergencies ought to be the same as for any emergency involving hazardous materials. Planning and using established radiation safety principles are essential to avoid misconceptions concerning radiation and radioactivity that may otherwise lead to harmful decisions and actions. Read more →

  • Food Control and Agricultural Countermeasures

    Food control and agricultural countermeasures

    Agricultural countermeasures to nuclear and radiological emergencies are actions to avoid and reduce radioactive contamination in agriculture. Food control involves regulating food production and protecting the food supply and ultimately consumers. At the request of governments, the IAEA provides or brokers support through relevant international organizations, including the FAO. Read more →