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Updates from the General Conference: IAEA’s Key Initiatives

The IAEA is at the forefront of transferring nuclear science and technology to countries to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. “The IAEA is a formidable institution that deals with issues of war and peace, of human health, of energy, food and water – fundamental concerns of all human beings,” said Rafael Mariano Grossi, IAEA Director General. 

In recent years, the IAEA has launched key initiatives to harness the full potential of atomic energy towards many facets of sustainable and peaceful development.  

Follow this page for the latest updates and status of key IAEA initiatives – Atoms4NetZero, Nuclear Harmonization and Standardization Initiative (NHSI), NUTEC Plastics, Rays of Hope and Zoonotic Disease Integrated Action (ZODIAC) – as discussed during side events of the 67th IAEA General Conference.  

This page will be updated throughout the week of 2529 September.  


The Atoms4NetZero initiative, which launched last year at COP27, provides a framework to support countries including through capacity building in energy planning towards net zero energy systems. At a side event held on Monday, 25 September 2023, experts discussed the modelling of energy transition scenarios that address both climate change mitigation targets, including net zero objectives, and the broader context of sustainable development. Additionally, a Scientific Forum on Nuclear Innovations for Net Zero is took place from 26–27 September. Read more →

Zoonotic Disease Integrated Action (ZODIAC)

Zoonotic diseases – or diseases which can pass from animals to humans – pose a significant threat to global health. The recent COVID-19 pandemic was a stark illustration of the importance of timely detection and monitoring when it comes to disease outbreaks. The IAEA is supporting countries around the world to use nuclear-derived techniques to help prevent future outbreaks or pandemics with its Zoonotic Disease Integrated Action (ZODIAC) initiative, participants heard at a side event of the 67th IAEA General Conference. Read more ➡

Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope -- the IAEA’s flagship cancer initiative -- had an impactful first year, with ‘first wave’ countries already seeing significant improvements in their radiotherapy infrastructure, and the five inaugural Anchor Centres being formally established at a side event during the IAEA’s 67th General Conference. Read more →


NUTEC Plastics

By 2050, there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Radiation and nuclear technologies provide solutions to help return oceans to a healthy, thriving state, with experts developing innovative ways to recycle plastic waste and monitor plastic pollution in the ocean. The IAEA is advancing the application of these technologies worldwide through its NUTEC Plastics initiative. Three years after its launch, experts discussed the impact, progress, and the next steps of this IAEA flagship initiative at a side event held at the IAEA’s 67th General Conference.  Read more → 

Nuclear Harmonization and Standardization Initiative (NHSI)

 IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi called on countries to keep up the momentum behind a global effort to facilitate the effective deployment of safe and secure small modular reactors (SMRs) and other advanced reactors, as the Agency showcased progress in its Nuclear Harmonization and Standardization Initiative (NHSI) during the IAEA’s 67th General Conference. Read more →

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