Harnessing the Power of Nuclear for a Clean Energy Future

Atoms4NetZero is an IAEA initiative that supports efforts by Member States to harness the power of nuclear energy in the transition to net zero. The initiative provides Member States and stakeholders including industry, financial institutions, and international organizations with technical expertise and scientific evidence on the potential of nuclear energy to decarbonize electricity production as well as hard-to-abate sectors such as industry and transport.

As countries grapple with the climate crisis and growing energy security concerns, nuclear energy is increasingly recognized for the role it can play in an accelerated transition to net zero. Nuclear power currently provides about 10% of the world’s electricity, equivalent to about a quarter of all low-carbon electricity. Atoms4NetZero seeks to inform policymakers and decision-makers on the potential way forward for nuclear power as the reliable backbone of clean, affordable, resilient and more secure energy transitions.

Atoms4NetZero in action

The initiative encompasses specific workstreams to assess and highlight the role of nuclear in decarbonizing energy systems via:

  • National and regional energy scenario modelling to assess the full potential of nuclear technologies, including small modular reactors, towards   net zero energy systems, while ensuring sustainable development, favourable economic impact and job creation.
  • IAEA expert missions to support the development of long-term energy strategies and updates of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) that consider nuclear energy.
  • Collaboration through workshops, seminars, training and tailored capacity building activities in net zero transition planning.
  • Engagement of stakeholders, including “end users” such as industry, regulators and policymakers, to address various challenges, including the development of advanced reactor technologies.
  • Outreach activities, communication, and stakeholder engagement on nuclear energy in achieving net zero goals.


The initiative is open to:

  • Member States, both nuclear operating and embarking countries, that are interested in including nuclear energy in their national energy mix to achieve net zero objectives. Specific attention will be given to developing countries.
  • Industrial partners and companies, to help accelerate the implementation of technical solutions to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors
  • Financial institutions which are ready to support the contribution of nuclear energy to clean energy transitions as part of sustainable investments.
  • Other international organizations contributing to the clean energy transition.

Partnerships and Funding

Atoms4NetZero will benefit and welcome Member States, industry, financial institutions, and other stakeholders to partner and contribute their expertise, modelling tools, industrial knowledge, advocacy, and financial resources.

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