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To Hear the Latest in Fusion Science and Technology, Join our Fusion Energy Conference Online Next Month


Showcasing the latest advancements in fusion science and technology, the 28th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2020) will take place virtually from 10 to 15 May and will be open to the public.

Organized by the IAEA and hosted by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the ITER Organization, preparing the world’s largest future fusion experiment, the conference will offer more than 100 scientific presentations delivered by leading top researchers and engineers in fusion science and technology development; numerous virtual tours of ITER and other fusion research labs; virtual exhibition booths; and various side events on topics including the history of the FEC series, the role of women in fusion and education opportunities in fusion. Register for the event by 7 May here.

Ever since it was suggested in the 1920s that stars draw their infinite energy from fusing hydrogen isotopes to form helium, the idea of reproducing this reaction on earth and generating limitless energy has captured minds. And indeed: fusion power holds the promise of a potentially limitless carbon free energy supply without generating long lived radioactive waste. Fusing atoms together in a controlled way can release nearly four million times more energy than burning of coal, oil or gas, without the emission of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

The IAEA has played a pivotal role in the international cooperation on fusion research, as a driving force behind scientific and technological advancements in this field. Held every two years since 1961, the FEC series has become the main discussion platform for key physics and technology issues as well as innovative concepts directly relevant to the use of nuclear fusion as a future energy source.

Scientific presentations at the conference will focus on:

  • ITER progress towards the preparation of its future fusion operations;
  • new devices and updated facilities coming into operation, which are capable of long pulse operation of high-performance plasmas - a major milestone to be achieved in the preparation of ITER and the future experiments focusing on using fusion to generate electricity;
  • developments in the design of irradiation facilities dedicated to validating materials to be used in fusion devices.

The full FEC2020 scientific programme is here.

IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi; ITER Director-General Bernard Bigot; and CEA Chairman and High Representative of France for the ITER project Francois Jacq will open the conference, followed by welcome remarks delivered by host representatives, international guests and keynote speakers, including:

  • Nicolas Chaillet, Director General for Research and Innovation, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, France
  • Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy
  • Eddie Bernice Johnson, US Congresswoman, Head of House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, Unites States
  • Jean Jacquinot, Scientific Adviser to the CEA and Senior Adviser to the ITER Organization Director-General, France
  • Melissa Denecke, Director of the Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences, IAEA

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