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Experimental Facilities for Fast Reactors


PEMDYN facility (Electromagnetic Pump in Dynamic Conditions), in support  of Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor (SFR) development, France.

A newly developed catalogue and database of facilities in the IAEA Member States in support of development and deployment of liquid metal cooled fast neutron systems (LMFNS catalogue) is now available online.

Committed to the sustainability and addressing the technology progression, the IAEA provides support to the Member States covering all technical aspects of current, evolutionary and innovative fast reactors and subcritical hybrid systems.

The newly developed catalogue of experimental facilities in support of development and deployment of both critical and subcritical liquid metal-cooled fast neutron systems (LMFNS catalogue) is a living database. It presents an overview as well as detailed information on more than 150 experimental facilities under design, construction or operation in 14 IAEA Member States.

The LMFNS Catalogue contains detailed data and information on 79 facilities in support of the development of sodium cooled fast reactors (SFR), as well as 72 facilities in support of lead and lead-bismuth eutectic cooled fast reactors (LFR). Several facilities are applicable to both SFR and LFR technologies. The detailed facility profiles are categorized according to their most relevant research fields (main application). Multiple-choice filtering options by main research fields, by reactor type (SFR, LFR, cross-cut SFR/LFR application) and by country are available.

LECOR facility (Lead Corrosion) in support of Lead/LBE-cooled fast reactor (LFR) development, Italy.

By providing the end-users with detailed information on existing and future experimental facilities able to support innovative LMFNS, the open database is aimed at facilitating cooperation between organizations with an active programme on fast neutron systems. It is expected that it will enhance the utilization of these facilities within the associated experimental programmes, and motivate the involvement of young engineers and researchers to be educated and trained in the field of advanced reactors.

A related IAEA Nuclear Energy Series publication is expected to be published in 2017.

More information and access to the databases can be found on the Nuclear Power Technology Development Section (NPTDS) webpage.

Related databases maintained by the IAEA:

  • Catalogue of Facilities in Support of Liquid Metal-cooled Fast Neutron Systems (LMFNS Catalogue)
  • The Advanced Reactor Information System (ARIS)
  • The Research Reactor database (RRDB)

6B Liquid metal test facility for studying thermal hydraulic processes in cores and heat-exchanging equipment. Applicable for both SFR and LFR, Russia.

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