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Meeting on Nuclear Law and Legislative Assistance Held in Vienna


Participants at the IAEA Experts Meeting on Nuclear Law and Legislative Assistance.

Legal experts from 12 countries representing different regions and legal systems met at IAEA headquarters in Vienna from 9-11 April to share knowledge and experiences in the various areas of nuclear law, including the relevant international legal instruments governing nuclear safety, security, safeguards and civil liability for nuclear damage, as well as the corresponding elements of a comprehensive national nuclear legal framework. This event is part of the meetings organized periodically by the IAEA in the context of its legislative assistance programme.

Discussions also focused on the modalities for delivering IAEA legislative assistance to Member States, as well as the development of a national legal framework for a nuclear power programme in the context of the IAEA milestones approach.

When opening the meeting, Peri Lynne Johnson, Legal Adviser and Director of the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs, stressed that “through this meeting we seek to widen and strengthen available expertise in Member States to support implementation and further development of the IAEA’s legislative assistance programme, which continues to be crucial in helping countries to maintain and enhance their national legal frameworks for the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technology”.

The meeting enabled IAEA and national experts to identify and become aware of the main issues and challenges facing national drafters and decision-makers when developing national legislation, considering adherence to the treaties adopted under IAEA auspices or providing for the implementation of these treaties in national legal systems.

Among the specific topics addressed were the establishment of an independent nuclear regulatory body, radiation protection, radioactive waste management, safety and security of radioactive sources, safeguards and nuclear liability.


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