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Maximising the Benefits of TC Participation in Latin America and the Caribbean


In the place of the regular meeting of National Liaison Officers (NLOs) at the Agency’s Vienna headquarters, originally scheduled to take place in July 2020, the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Division for Latin America and the Caribbean is launching its first-ever interactive Webinar Series, beginning on May 21, and its first session will deliver a broad overview of both the TC programme and of the Regional Cooperation Agreement for the Promotion of Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARCAL).

All sessions of the six-part webinar series will be delivered in Spanish, and they will aimed at the community of NLOs, Assistants to the NLO (NLAs) and ARCAL National Coordinators (NCAs) who together, alongside their support staff, form the principal interface between the Agency and national authorities on matters related to the preparation, formulation and implementation of TC projects.

The webinar series has been designed to provide a complete description of the technical cooperation programme (TCP) procedures and operating components, focusing on the most essential timelines and milestones for TCP planning, design and implementation, and thereby enabling the professionals of the National Liaison Offices to better understand and subsequently fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

“This online resource presents an excellent alternative for achieving collaborative work and distance learning goals with our main focal points in the Member States,” said Luis Longoria, Director of the Technical Cooperation Division for Latin America and the Caribbean. “The Division will deliver a similar series in English, focussing on Caribbean Member States so that this effort can have a wide benefit and can even be shared with other regions of the world.”

The contents of the course will be elaborated across six sessions, delivered over a period of two months, and will enable participants to clearly understand the impact of their roles and responsibilities for the socio-economic development of their countries and how to improve their engagement with all stakeholders involved in the TC programme.  

Upcoming webinars will be held on a bi-weekly basis and will address the following topics:

  1. Maximizing benefits: the Technical Cooperation Program and the ARCAL Regional Agreement (21st May).
  2. Understanding the program cycle: your role and responsibilities and the financing of the Technical Cooperation Program (4th June).
  3. Creating economic and social impact: your contribution to the design of a relevant national program (18th June).
  4. Maximizing resources: Implement the Technical Cooperation Program efficiently and effectively (2nd July).
  5. Improving from experience: the key to monitoring, evaluating and closing projects (16th July).
  6. Joining Forces: Final Roundtable (30 July).

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